With the thermal insulation completed in the engine room installation of the Bondal acoustic sheeting has begun..

The Bondal sheets are a sandwich of 2 sheets of aluminium with a viscoelastic layer in the middle. It is this layer which gives the sheeting the very high acoustic loss factor, just another one of the ways we strive to achieve the quietest engine room operation on the seas today. The engine room ceiling, front and aft walls are of a solid sheet so any noise is effectively bounced off these, to prevent it getting through to the guest areas. The engine room sides are covered in perforated sheets which allows the noise to penetrate through this, and get absorbed by the insulation material on the hull sides. This technique allows the noise to travel somewhere, without creating a “drum” like box where the noise just bounces around endlessly. Once the vessel is ready for delivery, the protective plastic coating will be removed to show gloss white panels mounted on interlocking rails with no fasteners showing to give a very clean look.