The 4 MCA emergency escape hatches and 1 large foredeck hatch have been installed on board the vessel.

To satisfy the MCA Large Commercial Yacht code, every accommodation compartment on board an MCA vessel shall be provided with 2 means of escape. The main reasoning for this is that if the primary escape route is blocked due to fire, a secondary route can be used.
To accomplish this, when designing a vessel, the compartments at either end of the vessel need extra consideration as to provide a secondary escape route. The compartments in the middle will generally have one forwards and one aft. So for this vessel the crew accommodation, the aft guest cabins, the engine room, and the owners suite had to have a secondary escape route designed into the construction. This was accomplished using watertight escape hatches through which one could egress in the case of an emergency.
The large foredeck hatch gives access to the 3 technical decks below, the top one being the anchor chain lockers compartment which will house the garbage freezers and deck storeroom. As this vessel is designed to be at sea for large intervals of time, garbage is frozen to minimize any smells that would occur if it were to be stored in a locker, especially in the tropics. Once the vessel arrives in port the garbage freezers can be emptied, cleaned out, and made ready for the next expedition. These hatches were manufactured by Freeman Marine in the US and shipped over for installation.